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DuPont Tate & Lyle Zemea Propanediol Zemea USP Susterra Propanediol

A food grade, biobased, petroleum-free glycol alternative for heat transfer fluids.

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Zemea® Propanediol– a natural solvent and humectant ideally suited for many skin care applications

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Formulated with  Zemea® Propanediol.

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Learn about Cosmetic Ingredients Formulated with Zemea® Propanediol

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Susterra - FG
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inCosmetics Asia 2014
Cosmetic Ingredients Formulated with Zemea® Propanediol




Skin-friendly, natural and petroleum-free preservative-boosting humectant.


A non-petroleum alternative for end uses that desire a bio-based product.

Zemea® USP-FCC

Natural solvent and humectant for food and beverages.
Zemea and Susterra Propanediol and leading edge of bio technology


Susterra® FG

Specialty glycol that provides both high performance and environmental sustainability benefits