Reduce your preservative levels with Zemea® - a natural, skin-friendly glycol alternative

In this presentation, the evaluation of the preservative effects of Zemea® propanediol, a natural glycol alternative, is discussed. Zemea® can be used as a humectant, emollient, viscosity enhancer, solvent, carrier for actives and for botanical extracts. Customer feedback indicated that less preservatives were needed when Zemea® was used in their fomulations.

In 2010 CTFA challenge testing was conducted that demonstrated the addition of Zemea® could significantly enhance the performance of preservatives in personal care formulations. New testing in 2011 has shown that formulators can reduce preservative levels by 75% when using Zemea®.

Zemea® is the world's first glycol alternative approved by Ecocert and certified by the Natural Products Association. Zemea® benefits include no skin irritation, improved moisturization, and excellent sensorial attributes. Zemea® can be easily substituted for petroleum-based propylene glycol, butylene glycol or glycerin. It has seen widespread adoption and is being used in over 900 personal care products globally.