Optimizing Formulations Using a Natural Solvent and Humectant: Zemea® Propanediol


Solubility of your actives to deliver them effectively to the skin can be a real challenge. During this presentation you will learn about a new software modeling tool that can help you optimize your formulations through selection of the best solvent for the particular actives in your formulation. Statistical modeling using The Formulating for Efficacy software suggested that Zemea® Propanediol is a more suitable choice as a solvent or driving force ingredient for a number of cosmetic actives and functional materials when compared to glycerin, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, or water due to its unique Hansen Solubility Parameters. Zemea®, a natural, skin-friendly solvent and humectant, also offers increased humectancy, no skin irritation, elegant sensorial properties and increased preservative efficacy vs. petroleum-based glycols. Zemea® is approved by ECOCERT and the NPA. Certifications include Kosher, Halal and USDA 100% bio-based. It has been widely adopted in over 1,000 personal care products.