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Susterra® Hangtag Order Form

Susterra® unites uncompromising performance and environmental responsibility in a single ingredient. Request hangtags to highlight the benefits that Susterra® propanediol renewably sourced materials bring to your application: sustainability, innovation, and bio-based performance. Please complete and submit this form. Instructions will follow once the form is approved on where to send a product sample containing Susterra® propanediol and how to submit a copy of your invoice for your purchase of fabric/part with Susterra® propanediol. Coated fabric samples and waterproof films should be one (1) yard. Thermoplastic polyurethane or polyurethane (TPU/PU) part samples may vary and should be discussed before sending.

Click here to download the Susterra® Brand Hangtag Process.
1 Start 2 Complete
Requestor Information
1+(555) 555-0555
Hangtag Destination
TPU/PU Manufacturer

What application is Susterra® propanediol or PO3G based on Susterra® propanediol used in?

Part Manufacturer
Adhesive, Coating, Film, Molded Part
Hangtag Request
Adhesive, coating, film or molded part.

The delivery of the hangtags requested does not imply nor grant the Retailer, Brand House or recipient the right to reproduce or use the Susterra® trademark in any promotion, advertising or marketing except for placement of the hangtags on the identified end-use goods. If companies are interested in rights to promote the Susterra® trademark besides use of these hangtags, then please contact your DuPont Tate & Lyle representative for a Trademark License Agreement. Unauthorized use constitutes a trademark infringement penalized by law.